FieldCam | A helmet-mounted smart camera for multiple uses
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Published on 24/04/2023 at 17:30

FieldCam is a groundbreaking helmet-mounted smart camera system developed by Norwegian company Endurance and Operations Technology (EOT). 

According to the company, the FieldCam system enables two-way video and audio communication between military personnel in the field and technical experts located far elsewhere.

This system in question operates using mobile WIFI through civilian 4G/5G or private 5G networks for defence or satellite communication. With the FieldCam system encrypted frontend for laptops or tablets, any technical expert can troubleshoot and guide forces on the ground, even if the user is not familiar with the equipment they are working on. 

The system, equipped with a small screen, allows soldiers to receive real-time instructions through graphics, video, and audio. The experts see what the soldier sees and does, then guide them step-by-step and send graphics to the small screen, allowing them to solve problems that extend far beyond the soldier’s expertise.

FieldCam is not limited to repairing vehicles, but can also be used for training, first aid, and as a management tool. It provides a way for technical experts to transfer knowledge directly to soldiers on the ground, without deploying personnel to the field. This means that experts can be located in Norway, Poland, and Germany and still provide guidance and instructions to soldiers in Ukraine.

For instance, in the case of Ukraine, assistance mainly stops when military hardware is handed over. FieldCam allows the support team to be located anywhere else outside Ukraine to conduct troubleshooting by seeing the same thing as the user. 

Skipping any language barriers, this is a very effective way to transfer knowledge directly to the Ukrainian forces, ensuring that the equipment we have donated is kept operational.

Tests have shown that using a helmet camera solves the problem in less than 4 minutes, in contrast to using audio over a phone, which they had to give up after 20 minutes. 

For every battlefield, the deployment of military hardware is crucial, but it is the endurance and the maintenance of the weapons that are most important.

The said system is relatively inexpensive as well as easy to operate. Decision-makers in the operations center can get better situational awareness in real-time, thus making it a valuable tool for saving lives and supporting operations.

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With information from: EOT




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