FC/ASW | Franco-British cooperation on future anti-ship missile
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Published on 19/02/2022 at 18:30

France and the United Kingdom have confirmed the launch of the preparation works for the Future Cruise/Anti-Ship Weapon (FC/ASW) program. The FC/ASW project aims, according to the MBDA, to replace the Storm Shadow/SCALP missile, the French Exocet and the British Harpoon anti-ship missile.

Eric Beranger, MBDA’s CEO, stated, among other things, that by combining technology, industry capability and funding across borders, unique and advanced capabilities can be achieved. He added that the FC/ASW project will strengthen MBDA with a cutting-edge solution adapted to the requirements of the Armed Forces and their existing or future operational needs.

Preparatory work will focus on the coordinated development of a next-generation anti-ship missile program. Two missile ideas will be evaluated, which are expected to be implemented by the end of the decade.

It concerns an ultrasonic and low-observation subsonic missile, in accordance with the requirements of the Armed Forces of France and the United Kingdom. The project aims to contribute to overcoming threats on land and at sea, targets and air defence systems, at very long distances on demanding battlefields.

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