European Security Academy | Successful completion of the 1st OSINT course in Cyprus – VIDEO
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Published on 16/11/2021 at 14:15

The first OSINT training course in Cyprus, by the European Security Academy, was successfully completed at the premises of DEFENCE ReDEFiNED in Limassol.

The very interesting 3-day seminar in the Open Source Intelligence Collection (OSINT Gathering) had as its main goal to offer the trainees the skills, knowledge, and methodology behind the OSINT process.

The course presented digital tools and analysis techniques including imagery analysis, video analysis, geo-spatial intelligence, cryptography, cryptocurrency, social media, and the dark web.

The high level of the participants’ background was helpful in further deepening and analysis of the subject of OSINT, while at the end of the course the trainees attended an examination to confirm their knowledge on the subject.

The collection of information from open sources is one of the important tools not only for military operations but also for private protection and security services, investigative journalism, corporate development, and law enforcement services.

According to ESA, the CIA claimed that 90% of the information needed to locate and capture its target (Bin Laden) came from the Open Source Intelligence Collection, while in 2005 WM Nolte (former Deputy CIA Deputy Director) claimed that 95-98% of all information provided by US intelligence services was based on information from OSINT.

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