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Published on 22/04/2024 at 15:21

Greek company EODH, in collaboration with the Belgian-Spanish DUMA and KNDS, manufacturer of the Leopard 1A5 Main Battle Tank, presented a new comprehensive upgrade package known as LEOPARD 1HEL. The said upgrade, according to EODH, is based on new technology and combat-proven parts.

The package offered is optimized for the Hellenic Army’s LEOPARDS, being the largest user of the said system worldwide, but does not exclude global users of the LEOPARD 1A5. The proposal is fully documented in terms of technical and costing aspects and was recently presented to the Hellenic Army. It is also noted that other countries have already expressed their interest.

The comprehensive proposal includes the complete modernization of the battle tank (turret and hull), with the most advanced technological systems and subsystems, transforming the legacy LEO 1 into a state-of-the-art platform capable of responding to modern and future threats on the battlefield.

The LEO 1HEL upgrade was designed as an affordable solution with equal (or even better) performance found in newer MBTs with a significantly lower cost. The use of the highly successful 105 mm gun, along with the new-generation ammunition capable of achieving very high levels of penetration, as well as the utilization of the large ammunition stockpile, renders the upgrade particularly interesting.

The LEO 1HEL is designed as a next-gen upgrade package, incorporating cutting-edge technologies developed to provide superior performance and capabilities on the battlefield. The new package combines increased agility, survivability, firepower and interoperability, under harsh weather conditions.

According to EODH, the upgrade was developed as a “system-to-systems” platform, designed for optimizing the outcome of combined operations at all tactical levels (ranging from the platoon level to higher echelons i.e. a Division). The upgraded LEOPARD can also jointly operate with other ground, aerial and robotic vehicles, through the use of multiple data networks.

The main connection hub is fully digital, designed with open architecture, while all of its functions are software-embedded. Thanks to the latest generation of hardware, real-time computing, and high-speed data networks are available to the user.


  • A new 1,000 HP High Performance Power Pack for higher speeds (on- and off-road) as well as excellent obstacle-crossing capabilities
  • New transmission and suspension systems
  • Operation in extreme environments: -25°C / +45°C
  • Engine air filtration with automatic cleaning
  • A new enhanced powertrain, capable of leveraging higher levels of torque and the increased combat weight of the LEO 1HEL
  • New transmissions, enhanced and tuned to match the new gearbox
  • A new rubber caterpillar is offered as an option for better performance of the suspension system and weight reduction
  • New suspension with hydropneumatic angles that offer better performance and free-up interior space occupied by the existing torsion bars
  • Automatic caterpillar tensioner controlled by the driving position 
  • New battery and power management system


  • Fire Control System (FCS) and Gun Control System (GCS) upgrades
  • The FCS is based on a stabilized main sight for the gunner and on a fully stabilized independent panoramic periscope for the commander, which is integrated on a Remote Weapon Station (RWS) bearing a heavy machine gun (M2-50”). Both sights feature the same optical sensors for precise targeting
  • The gunner’s and commander’s sights incorporate a long-range thermal imaging camera, a day camera with continuous zoom, a digital laser rangefinder, and a laser target designator 
  • A Dynamic Muzzle Reference System, Target Automatic Tracking, Weather Data mesh, GPS and compass
  • Automatic Target Tracking Unit for advanced processing of the digital video image feed (day or thermal cameras)
  • The Fire Control Circuits allow the Commander to activate or disable any weapon system and enable the gunner’s override

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  • Hunter-Killer and Killer-Killer functions enabling the usage of all available weapons onboard to engage aerial or ground targets independently
  • Improved crew seats for enhanced ergonomics, comfort and survivability
  • Multi-function LCD touch screens and wired control panels for data sharing and easement of crew role switching
  • 360 degrees observation system with cameras (8x magnification) for superior tactical awareness 
  • The Remote Weapon Station (RWS) is fully interconnected with the commander’s independent panoramic periscope for anti-aircraft and anti-drone use
  • Barrel Launched Anti-Tank Guided Missile integration capability as well as  optional side-mounted ATGM integration
  • Optional integration for Loitering Munition (LM) 
  • Organic Drone integration availability for reconnaissance and targeting


  • The LEO1 HEL is a fully digitized, network-centric combat platform with widespread use/fusion of sensors and weapons, assisted by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that acts as a power multiplier on the modern battlefield
  • It has multi-level connectivity with the Command Echelons and various robotic systems such as UAVs, UGVs and LMs, via secure, high-speed data links
  • It achieves real-time sharing of the tactical situation for combined tactical operations at all levels (soldier – Brigade level)
  • Features a next-generation AI-assisted Battlefield Management System (BMS) for reduction of workload and rapid decision-making

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  • Complete Passive/Active protection package system for countering all modern threats (the total weight of the tank increases to 46 tonnes)
  • A full suite of sensors and active countermeasures is offered 
  • The Remote Weapon Station (RWS) can be optionally integrated with an Anti-Drone early warning system


  • New highly reliable systems, low consumption, limited maintenance requirements, and long periods of mean time between failures (MTBF)
  • Industrial support over a period of 25 years
  • Ensuring the maximum possible involvement of the Greek defence industry, with domestic production of the armor and all electronics/electro-optical modules as well as the hydropneumatic suspension
  • Ensuring a complete Follow On Support (FOS) in Greece for the entire life cycle of the tank

In collaboration with its partners, EODH states that it is ready to create a prototype while it is currently in the design completion phase for a similar package to be installed on M-60 tanks.

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