Digital Military Library | The commendable initiative of a Greek Army Officer
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Published on 17/05/2020 at 18:48

The Digital Military Library is a commendable initiative of Dimitrios Nousis, an Officer of the Hellenic Armed Forces and his team. Through the digital library, professionals in the Greek Army are given the opportunity to find completely free non-classified information on issues that concern them. 

Indicatively, it is stated that in the digital library of the military there are posted regulations, orders and templates of reports and documents on various issues, including issues concerning the Army’s personnel. The navigation on the website is simple since the whole theme is divided into 3 main categories: Unit, Company, Branch. It is worth noting that the website does not display advertisements and that the whole effort is financially supported by Mr. Nousis and his team.

In an exclusive interview with the Armour’s Major Dimitrios Nousis on our website, he explained that the idea of ​​creating the library arose from the need for easy and direct access of professionals to military regulations and orders to deal with issues of daily correspondence. The Military Digital Library originally operated as a simple blogspot in 2019, but with the ever-increasing public interest it has evolved into a website. The aim, as we were told, is the continuous enrichment of the content with the contribution of professionals from all branches and services of the Armed Forces so that the library can be a point of reference for Army professionals and conscripts . 

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