DEFENCE ReDEFiNED Podcast S3E9 | Naval deterrence in Greece and Cyprus
Defence Redefined
Published on 21/11/2023 at 18:38

In S3E9 of the DEFENCE ReDEFiNED Podcast, we host Vice Admiral (ret.) Dimitrios Kavoulakos.

Nasos Kolovos will have the opportunity to discuss with Mr. Kavoulakos all the developments taking place in the Middle East, the Caucasus, but also the Sino-American antagonism in the Pacific Ocean.

Also, special mention will be made to the “Navy”, both for Greece and for Cyprus, while the capabilities of the Turkish Navy will be commented on.

A live broadcast of the podcast may be accessed via the DEFENCE ReDEFiNED FB (click here), X (click here) and YT (click here) pages tomorrow, Wednesday 22 November 2023, at 18:00.

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