DEFEA 2023 | European collaboration for the design and development of seat systems for helicopter and eVTOL market
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Published on 12/05/2023 at 13:29

During the International Defence and Security Exhibition DEFEA 2023, the German company AUTOFLUG GmbH and the companies based in Germany and Greece ALTHOM GmbH and ALTHOM Engineering E.P.E. agreed to a long-term cooperation in the field of design and development of safety seats as well as the creation of technical documentation.

This cooperation agreement marks the next step in a partnership between the contractual partners that has been in place since 2019. Whereas the projects have so far been worked on mainly in Hamburg, Germany, there will now be another competence center in Patras, Greece, where the development teams will be exclusively devoted to the design of safety seating systems for helicopters and in particular, the rapidly growing urban air mobility market.

The range of services is completed by technical documentation, which can be produced according to international standards such as S1000D.

Another objective of the agreement is the joint application and subsequent processing of European research programs. The focus is on the research and development of additional safety features and the innovative integration of such solutions into the next generation of safety seats.

The goal is to build a long-term partnership as well as to expand and improve the services and products offered by both companies by combining their strengths, explains Alkiviadis Thomas, CEO of ALTHOM GROUP.

Combining the design and engineering competencies of ALTHOM GROUP and AUTOFLUG creates a European collaboration (nearshoring), which focuses on synergies between European industrial partners. Other advantages are access to personnel in both countries and the creation and establishment of European know-how. Together with the focus on global markets, they improve the competitive position and can further expand the partners’ market shares, continues Alcibiades Thomas.

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On the occasion of the signing of the contract at DEFEA 2023, Martin Kroell, Managing Partner of AUTOFLUG, said that they look forward to expanding their cooperation and see this as an excellent opportunity to efficiently join their competencies. This will enable the cost-effective and on-time development of products that will have a significant positive impact on the aviation industry. This cooperation enables them to effectively implement current and future projects and puts them in a strong position in global competition, he concluded.

After the signing, both CEOs unanimously emphasized that they will focus on the elaboration and development of future products in order to continue to act as an engine of innovation for such an important industry.

Regarding AUTOFLUG, it is a recognized supplier and service partner to the international aerospace industry and defence technology, with approximately 250 employees, which develops, produces, and serves, among others, a wide range of textile, mechanical, and electronic components and systems.

AUTOFLUG’s range of products and services includes:

  • Cabin solutions for helicopters, transport aircraft, and ground vehicles with a focus on safety seating systems;
  • Fuel metering and control systems as well as auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and land vehicles;
  • Maintenance and repair of Martin-Baker ejection seats for the German Air Force;
  • Belts and restraint systems for aircraft and land vehicles;
  • Protective equipment for pilots, such as NBC and anti-G suits;
  • Personal Survival Packs (PSP);
  • Rescue parachutes, brake parachutes, and recovery parachute systems;
  • Technical/logistical support: Logistics, technical documentation, training solutions, obsolescence management.

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