DEFEA 2023 | Greek ALTHOM participates in major Defence and Security exhibition
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Published on 25/04/2023 at 14:55

Believing in the surplus value that can be created in the global supply chain by Greek companies, the company ALTHOM participates dynamically in the DEFEA exhibition this year and is ready to welcome the public at its booth (A8, Hall 3) where they will have the opportunity to learn about the company’s capabilities.

ALTHOM was founded in 2010 by Alcibiades Thomas, it operates in Patras and Hamburg and offers a wide range of specialized mechanical, electrical and civil engineering services, such as design, development, validation and verification services in aeronautics, RES and other branches of industry.

In fact, it is a strategic partner of the R&D department of leading wind turbine manufacturing companies, having to demonstrate the design of innovative structures.

In addition, it provides technical documentation services, writing manuals of all types for leading aerospace and defence companies (IPC, AMM, CMM, etc.) and implementing technical regulations, specifications and international standards (S1000D, S2000M, ATAiSpec2200, etc.), which are required for the preparation of defence manuals.

These standards can be applied to every branch of industry, providing businesses with flexibility, clarity and economies of scale, reducing editorial costs but always maintaining high-quality standards.

ALTHOM also provides consulting and quality management services on business procedures and organization, methods, performance metrics and digital sustainability and has been accredited according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN/AS 9100:2018 standards.

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DEFEA 2023 | High-level contacts

DEFEA 2023 | High-level contacts

The International Defence and Security Exhibition DEFEA 2023 is now held for a second day with high-level international contacts.


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