Cyprus Police | New Mobile Command Stations and patrol vehicles
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Published on 22/02/2024 at 16:00

The Cyprus Police fleet is being strengthened with two new mobile command stations and 46 new patrol vehicles. Official sources of the Police state that the said mobile command stations and patrol vehicles will strengthen the Police fleet in the near future.

In addition to their basic equipment (lights, siren, announcement and display megaphones), the new patrol cars are equipped with a speed control system (on board speed radar), an automatic number plate recognition system (ANPR), a police vehicle location system, a wireless communication system (Tetra) as well as a navigation system (GPS).

Also, as reported by the Police, the two specially-configured vehicles have all the technological equipment that allows them to be deployed and operate as Command Stations, near the locations of police operations. The two Mobile Command Stations feature, among other things, electricity generation systems, telecommunications management systems and an audio and video capture system from the area of ​​police operations. At the same time, they also have meeting and deposition spaces.

The new patrol cars will be made available immediately to the Provincial Police Directorates in order to cover their service needs. At the same time, one Mobile Command Station will be allocated to cover the needs of the Police Directorates of Limassol and Paphos and the second one for the needs of the Police Directorates of Larnaca and Famagusta.

The new vehicles were inspected by the Chief of Police, Mr. Stelios Papatheodorou, who was informed about their features and capabilities.

Source: Cyprus Police News

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