Cyprus | M26 Grenade found in Kyperounda
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Published on 31/10/2023 at 08:43

The day before yesterday, an M26-type hand grenade was found in advanced oxidation by a man who went to Kyperounda to collect mushrooms.

According to the police, while looking for mushrooms in the area of ​​Kyperounda, the citizen spotted an object that caught his attention. When he realized the object looked like a grenade, he immediately notified the authorities.

Members of the Police went to the scene. As it turned out, it was an M-26 type defensive grenade, which did not have an arming lever and was in advanced oxidation. It was taken by a pyrotechnician to be destroyed.


 Μ26 Grenade (archive photo)

The M26 grenade is of US origin and was used in combat for the 1st time in the Korean War. It weighs approximately 454 grams and fragments upon detonation of the explosive filler (Composition B).

It is also noted that many of the National Guard’s facilities are located in the area of ​​Kyperounda, but also in the surrounding area of ​​Troodos.

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