Cyprus | Berlin is sending commandos for a potential evacuation of German citizens from Israel
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Published on 18/10/2023 at 08:27

In the event of a ground attack on the Gaza Strip, the German government fears that Hezbollah will intervene, leading to a two-front war.

The German Armed Forces have sent special forces to Cyprus for a potential military evacuation from Israel, in case the conflict is extended.

According to the RND network, which cites sources in the Federal Parliament, they are members of the Special Forces Command (KSK), which is based in Calv in Baden-Württemberg and specializes, among other things, in the rescue of hostages.

The specific measures are taken in the context of the so-called “national readiness” for the protection and safety of German citizens abroad and concern, inter alia, preventive advice to German embassies, evacuation in crisis situations, management of kidnappings abroad, and rescue of hostages.

As RND points out, embassies in Israel and neighboring countries have been reinforced with support teams, including special forces.

In the event of an Israeli ground attack on the Gaza Strip, the German government fears that the Hezbollah militia from Lebanon will intervene, leading to what is estimated to be a two-front war.

Israeli and Lebanese airspace would then likely be closed to commercial flights, which would necessitate military evacuation by the Bundeswehr.

If, however, a military evacuation is necessary, which implies the possibility of using armed action, the approval of the Bundestag is required.

Source: Euronews

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