CELLLOCK | THE Cypriot information technology and AI company at the BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023 Conference
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Published on 26/02/2023 at 16:01

Cellock, one of the leading Cypriot companies in the field of information technology, gave a presentation at the International Defence and Security Conference BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023 on the use of artificial intelligence technology in the field of defence and security.

Founded in 2003, Cellock is active in the fields of Custom Software Development, Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence and smart product development.

The company has an international presence in the USA, Romania, Greece, Cyprus and Germany and cooperates with government organizations in Cyprus, Cypriot and large foreign companies that are active, among others, in the field of defence and security. It participates in various programs, such as Project ICARUS, with major international companies.

During the International Defence and Security Conference BATTLEFIELD ReDEFiNED 2023, the presentation entitled “Scaling Artificial Intelligence in defence and security organizations” was given by the company’s CEO, Dr. Haris Zaharatos.

Dr. Zaharatos referred to the use of AI technology in predicting and preventing failures as well as in analyzing large volumes of data to generate information and effective strategies. He also presented the command and control system ZEUS-Portable C2. The ZEUS portable system provides connectivity to ground units, vehicles and drones, with night and thermal vision, it has a portable antenna and can proceed to automatic target recognition.

Dr. Zaharatos in the Cellock showroom

Dr. Zaharatos also touched on the current issue of the chances of AI creating AI in turn, with reference to the now famous ChatGPT. He also mentioned, among others, the categories of threats faced by AI systems (Poisoning Attack, Evasion Attack, Reverse Attack, Inference Attack) as well as the corresponding countering capabilities.

In “Poisoning Attacks” false data is created to deceive the artificial intelligence technology. The goal is to change the data the AI ​​system uses in training so that what the AI ​​learns is false. It thus attacks the system before it becomes operational.

Presentation of Cellock at the Conference

“Evasion Attacks” concern the creation of false data to deceive the AI ​​system, in order to control the system input during system operation.

“Reverse Engineering Attacks” are about extracting what the AI ​​system has learned and ultimately being able to reconstruct the model. Inputs are sent to a model and outputs are observed to enable replication. Finally, “Inference Attacks” seek to extract the data the AI ​​system used in its learning process.

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