Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher | The US Army unveils unmanned version of HIMARS
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Published on 22/05/2024 at 17:44

The US Army has publicly showcased its Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher (AML) prototype, which can strike enemy positions with greater firepower and at a longer range, without the risk of casualties.

As reported, the HIMARS unmanned system, which is basically its unmanned version, moved by itself from its hiding position to the firing point and, after receiving the required fire control commands remotely, it successfully executed the planned firings, launching six short-range missiles.

The autonomous multiple rocket launchers will be able to be equipped with the same ammunition as HIMARS and M270 (MLRS), such as 227 mm guided rockets as well as PrSM and ATACMS missiles.

The Autonomous Multi-Domain Launcher (AML) development program completes four years and is a benchmark in the US Army’s effort to modernize not only Artillery means, but also the doctrine of operations for the future battlefield, since now the interoperability of manpower with unmanned platforms will be an important factor in the effective execution of missions.

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