ASPIDA – SHIELD 2024 | Joint Training of National Guard and US Armed Forces in Special Operations
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Published on 11/04/2024 at 08:01

The National Guard Special Forces Command and the US Armed Forces jointly organized the “ASPIDA – SHIELD 2024” exercise to take place from 04 March to 05 April 2024 within the framework of the Bilateral Defence Cooperation Program between the Republic of Cyprus and the US. The said exercise concerned the design and execution of Special Operations.

The purpose of the exercise was the joint training of Special Forces personnel in the design, execution, and information support procedures of Special Operations.

The scenarios included, but were not limited to, methods of deploying units in the Area of ​​Operations, conducting covert operations, fire direction, and combat firing.

According to an announcement by the National Guard General Staff (GEEF), the exercise is considered to be particularly beneficial, as it provided the opportunity for the personnel of the National Guard’s Special Forces Command to train together with corresponding personnel of the US Special Forces, thus promoting the level of training, interoperability and the sharing of know-how in Special Operations missions.

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