UN | Some 1,500 civilians have been killed in Ukraine so far
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Published on 06/04/2022 at 15:09

The United Nations has been able to document the deaths of 1,480 civilians since Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24. Another 2,195 civilians have been injured, according to Rosemary DiCarlo, a top political and peacebuilding official. 

However, Ms. DiCarlo, who addressed the Security Council on Tuesday, said that the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights believed that the death toll among civilians was much higher, as a large number of victims had not yet been reported.

In addition, about 400 residents of Khostomel – a suburb of the Ukrainian capital, Kiev – are missing after 35 days of Russian occupation, said the head of the local military command. Taras Dumenko told a local radio station that underground searches were being carried out in the suburb, according to the Ukrainian newspaper Pravda. There is no sign of a doctor’s husband and son in the area captured by Russian forces twelve days ago and the bodies of people known to have been killed have not been found, he added.

Several residents of Hostomel were found in Bhutan, another suburb of Kiev where the location of hundreds of civilian dead in Bhutan sparked an international outcry.

Source: AMNA

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