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Published on 05/06/2020 at 18:15
For five days from 01 to 05 June 2020, the Joint Exercise of the National Guard was carried out with absolute success under the name “NIKITIS-DIMITRA 2020”.

The exercise was carried out in land, sea and air space of the free territory of the Republic of Cyprus. The participants were the National Guard (without reserve forces) as well as the Hellenic Force in Cyprus (ELDYK).

The exercise “NIKITIS-DIMITRA”, which has been carried out on an annual basis for the last 7 years, is a Tactical Exercise and is based on the Command and Control (C2) System of the National Guard’s General Staff (GEEF), the development of Main Operational tools, Logistics as well as the partial field development of Forces.

The objective of the exercise was to maintain and increase the operational capabilities of the personnel by practising scenarios that simulate real conditions. 

In particular, during the exercise, Army-Units-survivability-related tasks were examined, together with the execution of combined and joint operations to address both conventional and asymmetric threats as well as their logistics support.

The design of the exercise was based on the creation of a scenario that set the framework for the political-military situation in a crisis. The scenario ensured the continuous flow of information for the activation of the operational planning tools of both GEEF and its Battle Formations and shaped the physiognomy of the operational environment, with the ultimate goal to achieve the most suitable preconditions for the implementation of operational plans.

During the execution phase, the Formations, Tactical Groups and other Commands, contacted separate exercises (with different code names) of small and medium scale, in their areas of responsibility. In the context of joint operation and synergy, the exercises included actions of all three Branches of the Army (Land,Sea,Air). In order to create more ideal training conditions for the personnel while creating a realistic environment, all the exercises were of “dual action” and examined the execution of both offensive and defensive operations.

In addition, the Formations and Units were given the initiative to conduct a large number of exercises which escalated throughout the 5 days and were exclusively related to the nature of their mission.

During the exercise, the necessary measures were taken regarding the health and safety of the staff. In particular, due to the special conditions established by COVID-19, additional measures were taken to comply with all the provisions of the relevant decrees of the Ministry of Health.

At the end of exercise a parade was conducted by the participants in relation to its formation.

The Chief of Defence (CHOD) of the NG, Lieutenant General Demokritos Zervakis, attended the final execution part of the Exercises while with the Deputy Commander Lieutenant General Konstantinos Chrysiliou was present in a number of activities.

From the conduct of “NIKITIS-DIMITRA 2020” exercise, the perfection of design, the detailed preparation, the accurate and effective conduct as well as the high level of combat capability were validated. These are the factors that contribute in maintaining and increasing the operational readiness of the NG and getting across a spirit of decisiveness and prevention. In addition, professionalism, high morale, self-denial and unparalleled zeal on the part of the personnel was noted.




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