South Korea | Loan of 150,000 rounds to the USA for Ukraine
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Published on 12/04/2023 at 16:26

South Korea continues to supply the US with munitions, as the country’s local media revealed today.

According to CNN Greece, the government of Seoul has decided to respond positively once again to Washington’s request for the provision of 155,000 rounds, which the USA is sending en masse to Ukraine.

According to the same information, Seoul will immediately give the United States 150,000 rounds following the sale of 100,000 rounds in late 2022 that were also sent to Kyiv.

This time the transfer of the munitions, essential to the Ukrainians, will not be sold, but given in the form of a loan, although it has not been specified in what way and under what conditions the specific exchange will be completed.

The Pentagon has not yet made any statement regarding the matter.

The recent leak on the part of Russian classified documents indicates that South Korea is actively participating on the side of the US in the war in Ukraine having responded positively to all requests for assistance from Kyiv.

However, it is worth underlining that Seoul has repeatedly denied supplying arms to the war in Ukraine.

In April, the President of South Korea is expected to travel to Washington for a scheduled meeting with the US President.

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