Recruitment for Class 2020 | Normally the first days of July
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Published on 07/05/2020 at 15:41

The recruitment of the new Class 2020 conscripts will normally take place in July on the basis of procedures that will ensure the health of young conscripts. These were said by the Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Defence Marinos Sizopoulos at CNA, after the briefing of the teleconference by the Minister of Defence and officials. The briefing was regarding the current data due to the novel coronavirus as well as the way and the procedure for the classification of the new conscripts.

During the teleconference, the Parliament’s Defence Committee was informed about the recruitment of the new Class by the Minister of Defense Savvas Angelidis, the General Director of the Ministry Georgios Georgiou, the Chief of Defence (CHOD) Lieutenant General (Lt. Gen) Demokritos Zervakis and the Deputy Chief of Defence Lt. Gen. Costas Chrysiliou. Asked if the issue of possession of G3 rifles by the reserve forces was raised during the teleconference, Mr. Sizopoulos said that “a first brief update was made”.

Mr. Sizopoulos said regarding the recruitment of the new conscripts that both the Minister of Defence and the Director General Of the Ministry of Defence, the CHOD and deputy CHOD informed the members of the Commission about the specific procedures they intend to follow so that the classification be done smoothly and above all not to risk the health of new recruits.

The members of the Commission submitted questions and suggestions, Mr. Sizopoulos said, noting that “through the meeting it was reaffirmed that there is a harmonious cooperation of the members of the Committee on Defence with the political and military leadership to address and resolve issues concerning the Defence of our homeland”.

Asked if the leadership of the Ministry of Defence informed the competent Parliamentary Committee about the details of the classification, he said that the body was informed that the phases have been determined, because the classification process will be done in stages, and the timelines of each phase.

As far as planning is concerned, we can say that it is very correct and from there on we expect that the implementation of this plan will be just as positive and efficient, said the Chairman of the Defence Committee.

Asked if there is a timeframe for completing the process, he said that based on the data available at the moment, the process will be completed in the first days of July, just as if we did not have the specific problems with the pandemic.

He clarified that what is different is mainly the process of submitting the various certificates for scoring and the classification process that concerns training issues in which there will be some differences adapted to the new data formed due the pandemic.

He added that the issue with the latest episode in which there was a fatal injury with G3, is being handled by the Police and therefore is not an issue that can be discussed in depth in a teleconference.

We remind you that in our article on April 30, we emphasized that the only fact that differs from previous years is the electronic submission of wishes for the selection of weapons to the various branches of the National Guard (NG) and the supporting documents of conscripts.

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