Patria | Delivery of NEMO Navy mortar systems to the Swedish Amphibious Forces
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Published on 26/05/2023 at 18:15

Sweden is strengthening its maritime defence capabilities with eight new vessels, which will be equipped with the naval version of the NEMO turret, NEMO Navy, 120 mm mortar system.

According to a relevant announcement, Patria is delivering the system in question to the Swedish Armed Forces for the first time as a subcontractor of Swede Ship Marine AB, and thus, the amphibious units will soon have eight ships capable of providing artillery support from the sea.

The ships have been ordered by the Defense Materiel Administration (Försvarets materielverk – FMV) to Swede Ship Marine AB. In addition, Patria will deliver NEMO systems for training purposes.

Patria NEMO Navy is a light and compact system, which can apply to fast-moving naval fleets. NEMO (NEw Mortar) was presented publicly for the first time in 2006 and is based on the AMOS (Advanced Mortar System) mortar turret with the aim of building a more compact, lighter system suitable for integration into more platforms, such as mechanized fleets (both tracked and wheeled vehicles), but also small surface vessels.

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In particular, the Patria NEMO is a direct and indirect fire support system, while it can fire in MRSI (Multiple Rounds Simultaneous Impact) mode (up to 6 rounds), compatible with all modern ammunition. The system features rapid deployment (<30s), shoot and scoot capability, and a maximum rate of 10 rds/min (sustained rate 6 rds/min).

The system requires a minimum crew of 3, protected by anti-ballistic armor with protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical agents (NBC), and carries up to 60 ready-to-fire rounds displaying static or fire-on-the-move capability with a semi-automatic electric loading system.


  • Weight: 1900 kg
  • Traverse: 360º
  • Elevation range: –3º to +85
  • Operational range: >10 km
  • Secondary armament: smoke launchers/machine gun

Furthermore, the manufacturing company also placed the system in a standardized 20-foot container as a static system for defence of infrastructure and fortified structures called NEMO Container, while in 2012 it introduced an upgraded version called NEMO Plus, which has an electro-optical assembly on the turret, allowing for easier direct fire capability, built-in smoke grenade launchers and an optional remote-controlled weapon station for close-in weapon system of the self-propelled carrier.

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