National Guard | Health examination and provision of clothing, footwear and equipment to Class 2023 conscripts
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Published on 19/05/2023 at 11:33

The Ministry of Defence announces that as of next Monday 22 May 2023, the health examination process begins with the provincial committees, along with the provision of clothing, footwear, and equipment to Class 2023 conscripts.

  1. The conscripts are invited to attend the examination with:

a) Their identity card or any other official identification document of the Republic.

b) The conscription calls they have received via e-mail or the one they have received from the competent Military Office (can also be presented in electronic form).

c) Medical opinions – reports for any health problems in order to establish their capacity for fulfilling their military obligations.

d) Confirmation of bank account (IBAN), ONLY if the bank account details are not submitted on the online platform.

e) Certificate of vaccination status and blood group, ONLY if not submitted on the online platform.

2. To avoid any inconvenience and for hygiene reasons, the conscripts are asked to faithfully observe the appointed days and hours stated in the conscription invitation.

3. It is noted that any conscripts who will not attend because of health reasons will not be provided with any equipment at this stage.

4. In case of conscripts are unable to attend the health examination and collect their clothing, footwear, and equipment, new appointments should be made by contacting the following phones:

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