National Guard | Green Berets to Reserve Cadet Officers and Contracted Soldiers – VIDEO & Photos
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Published on 03/04/2023 at 16:48

On Monday, April 03, 2023, the ceremony of awarding the green beret to the new Reserve Cadet Officers and Contracted Soldiers of the Special Operations Forces, who completed the 10th Basic Training School, was held at the “LIEUTENANT GENERAL GEORGIOS KATSANIS” Military Camp, in Stavrovouni. The ceremony was attended by the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Dimokritos Zervakis, the families of the awarded soldiers, and a delegation of officials.

The awarding of the green beret is the completion of the arduous and demanding training attended by those who choose to serve in the Special Operations Forces.

During the said training, the candidates are trained in the use of individual and group weapons, disaster items, the execution of special forces operations, the provision of First Aid as well as in items of mountain warfare.

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