Mission Master XT | Norway to procure unmanned vehicles from Rheinmetall – VIDEO
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Published on 04/09/2023 at 17:18

Rheinmetall is supplying Norway with its first Mission Master XT unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) which has demonstrated its capabilities in polar subzero conditions.

The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the main institution responsible for defence-related research and development in Norway, awarded Rheinmetall the contract after winning the relevant tender.

The contract comes a few months after Rheinmetall participated in the Artic Mobility Trials in Finland, where the endurance and mobility of the Rheinmetall Mission Master XT were tested. Despite the difficult environment and weather conditions at -30°C, the vehicle successfully crossed frozen rivers and climbed slippery banks.

The Mission Master XT was developed by Rheinmetall Canada and is specifically designed to be used in extreme terrains such as ice, snow but also sandy, rocky and mountainous terrains. Its advanced amphibious capabilities allow it to sail at a speed of up to 5 km/h while maintaining its full capacity. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 40 km/h.

Its weight reaches 2217 kg and it can carry a payload of 1000 kg. Its diesel engine allows it to travel 750 kilometers without refueling, while the lithium-ion batteries allow up to 6 hours of silent watch.

Check out the VIDEO below showing the Mission Master XT in extremely low temperatures.

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