Mevaco | Participates in the construction of Belharra H/S Kimon (HN1) frigate
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Published on 03/10/2023 at 16:52

The first Greek Belharra-type frigate, H/S Kimon (HN1), is to be launched at Naval Group Shipyards in Lorient, France on October 04, 2023. Mevaco has participated in the construction of the said frigate.

The launch ceremony will be attended by company officials upon special invitation. More specifically, the company has undertaken a large number of orders for specialized frigate equipment based on the plans and specifications granted by Naval Group for the entire program regarding Greek shipbuilding.

According to a relevant announcement, the company has already completed part of these contracts with absolute success and strict adherence to the timeline set by the client and mainly to quality and other requirements. Its participation in the program is important, with the prospect of further expansion in the near future.

Mevaco stated that it considers it important that a pioneer project such as one of the Greek Belharra frigates entailed the strong participation of the Greek industry and the company in particular. Mevaco’s aim is to join the Global Supply Chain of major companies in the field, something that has already started taking shape.

Mevaco thanks Naval Group for the perfect adherence to the agreed terms and its support throughout the project. More specifically, it thanked SEKPY and HASDIG for their support over the years regarding the realization of the vision of Greek Companies for their wider participation in global events related to Defence, Technology, and Innovation.

The company has the strong will and ability to continue producing Greek Products intended for every market, with the aim of consolidating the Greek Industry in global manufacturing and technical development.

Its human resources, the extent of its facilities, and the latest-generation mechanical equipment guarantee the perfect completion of any task assigned, offering surplus value to the end customer – user, the announcement concluded.

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