IDEF 2021 | New Drone Detection and Neutralization System – VIDEO
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Published on 24/08/2021 at 13:07

The İLTER Drone/UAV Detection and Neutralization System, 90.45% of domestic production of Boğaziçi Defence Technologies, consists of a fully integrated RF and radar-based drone detection and suppression system with full automatic detecting, jamming and spoofing capability against Drones/UAVs. 

The system is fully on-board (mounted on a van) and can be used especially against drones and UAVs which operate autonomously and using radio spectrum bands intended internationally for industrial, scientific, and medical purposes (ISM), in order to communicate with their operators.

Key Features

  • Human, vehicle and Mini/Micro UAV classification Wide-angle coverage
  • Built-in GPS and compass with map support
  • Low probability of intercept (LPI)
  • Ease of use
  • Simultaneous short and long-range coverage

Drones / UAVs Jamming Capability

  • Jams frequency bands of remote control communication with hostile Drones/UAVs.
  • Jams autonomous flights based on GNSS frequency bands.

GNSS Spoofing

  • Fake GNSS signals generated by ILTER to block autonomous hostile flights.
  • Remove the threat to safer zones

The system attracted the interest of members of the Turkish Armed Forces and other delegations.

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