Hoplites Class 2021 Training丨Photos
Published on 01/08/2021 at 08:10

Upon the completion of Class 2021 hoplites’ classification and their placement in the Units of the National Guard, the first training cycle commenced. The latter concerns the hoplites’ introduction to military life and their information about the Units operation. 

The training also includes Basic Military Training, during which items related to the handling and execution of shots using the hoplites’ individual weapons, the undertaking of security duties at the Camps and other basic items, both of military nature and of general interest, will be taught.

The Unit and Formation Commands of the National Guard, with consistent presence in the training areas, ensure the smooth training conduct and immediate resolution of any difficulties that may arise, in order to ensure the best possible conditions for the training and the hoplites’ assimilation of the latter. 

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In the context of their visits to various Camps, which will continue in the coming days, the Chief of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Democritus Zervakis, and the Hierarchy of the National Guard General Staff (GEEF) welcomed the young hoplites and ensured them that their Commanders along with the personnel of the Units will help them get involved into and embrace the family of the National Guard. 

The hoplites were called on to make the most of the knowledge shared to them by their instructors, in order to become proper and honorable soldiers, ready to put themselves at the disposal of the Homeland.   


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