DSEI 2023 | MARSS launches NiDAR X-Scout Expeditionary C-UAV System
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Published on 26/09/2023 at 15:45

Monaco-based company MARSS, which specializes in surveillance and infrastructure protection capabilities, announced at the Defence and Security exhibition DSEI 2023 the launch of NiDAR X-Scout: an expeditionary, rapidly deployable Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (C-UAV) system.

According to MARSS, the said system is a mobile, flexible, and easily deployable C-UAV solution, which has been built around the flatbed of the Toyota Land Cruiser,  a pick-up truck widely used across the Middle East. Either transported by such a vehicle or air-dropped, NiDAR X-Scout can be placed in any location and remotely operated as a standalone C-UAV unit for over a week.

Despite its small form factor, X-Scout retains all the functionality of MARSS’ wider NiDAR range of C-UAV systems, leveraging MARSS’ proprietary hybrid intelligence software and interface that fuse multiple sensors to detect, classify and neutralize UAV threats. Some of its key features include electro-optical, radar, and radio frequency (RF) detection capable of detecting a Category II UAV from a range of more than 15 km. 

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It also offers RF jamming capabilities and can connect to a wide range of C-UAV effectors – including MARSS’ short- and medium-range, canister-launched hit-to-kill Interceptors – to neutralize hostile UAVs, either controlled from a remote location or operated autonomously.

Multiple X-Scout units can operate in a mesh network with other NiDAR systems and effectors to provide coverage over extended areas. Also, an operator with minimal training can get X-Scout deployed remotely in under five minutes.

Frederik Giepmans, managing director at MARSS’ Safety & Security business, stated that the market wanted an expedition-ready, drop-and-forget solution, capable of operating autonomously, meshed into a network of sensors and stations. 

X-Scout can be used in forward operations, on the battlefield, or elsewhere to offer complete protection against UASs.

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