A near tragedy | Fighter jets at a breathing distance from paragliders
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Published on 08/07/2022 at 16:15

Fighter jets flying over the Feneos plain between Achaia and Corinth were almost involved in an accident after they “came across” two paragliders.

In particular, according to the TV station OPEN, a formation of fighter jets of the Air Force suddenly crossed paths with two paragliders.

When the formation approached the area at 12:57, they came across two paragliders, without the Air Force pilots knowing that an air sports activity was being held at that particular spot.

What was shocking was that one of the fighter jets came within a distance of one nautical mile from one of the paragliders and half a mile from the other.

The pilots contacted the competent control center which confirmed that no flight plan had been submitted to the site, as it should have.

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