2020 Transatlantic Security Jam | The post COVID future

Georgios Zgardanas*

Published on 19/05/2020 at 08:46

The 2020 Transatlantic Security Jam took place between 12 -14 May. It was a three-day virtual global brainstorm on international security challenges. The Jam was organized by Friends of Europe think tank, IBM which offered the online exchange platform and by The Partnership for Peace which acted as a coordinator.

Many specialized partners were involved, both from the army and the private sector including the United States Department of Defence, NATO Defence College, the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), George C Marshall Center, GLOBSEC, various universities and other bodies.

Τhe Security Jam focused on the topic of “Securing the Post-COVID Future”. The massive global brainstorm, held entirely online and brought together experts from all over the world. More than 2500 registered participants engaged with the main sub topics “Competition for Influence”, “NATO Mission and Core Tasks in Action”, “Cooperation and Autonomy”, “Transatlantic Security, NATO-EU Relations”, “Technological and Industrial Edge” and “NATO’s China Challenge”.

European Organization of Military Associations (EUROMIL) supported the Security Jam with the contribution of its president Mr. Emmanuel Jacob as a VIP speaker. He led a discussion over defence budgets and future military personnel challenges and underlined the need for leaders to find the right balance between security, health and economic considerations.

*International Relations Secretary-P.FE.AR.F.U

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