Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems hands over third type 209/1400 submarine to Egyptian Navy
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Published on 10/04/2020 at 00:57

On Thursday 09/04, the Egyptian Army announced the hand over of the third submarine S43 type 209/1400 from Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems in Kiel.

According to Tamer Al-Refai, a spokesman for the Egyptian Army, this was the third of four submarines 209/1400 received by Cairo from Berlin as part of an agreement made in 2014 so as to develop the capabilities of the Egyptian Navy. 

Tamer Al-Refai also said that the submarine named “S43” was delivered to the Egyptian Navy in Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems facilities in Kiel after the completion of the simultaneous specialised crew training in

Egypt and Germany in record time.  

The diesel-electric type 209 submarines are about 62 meters long, with approximately 1600 tons submerged displacement and have a pressure gauge with a diameter of 6.2 meters. They are manned by a crew of 30 people.

Egypt initially ordered two 209/1400 submarines in 2011 and ordered two more in 2014. The first “S41” submarine was delivered to the Navy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in December 2016 and the second “S42” in August 2017. 

The project will be completed upon the delivery of the fourth submarine, S44, in 2021.





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