War in Ukraine | Greece and 19 other countries send military equipment to Ukraine
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Published on 24/05/2022 at 14:45

A new package of military aid to Ukraine will be sent by about 20 countries, announced the US Secretary of Defence, Lloyd Austin.

“Greece is one of the 20 countries that intend to send additional military assistance to Ukraine,” he stressed, while he pointed out that our country is expected to re-send military equipment to the Ukrainian military forces, which includes both artillery and ammunition systems for their use and operation.

Yesterday, the Minister of National Defence, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, participated in a teleconference with his counterparts from about 40 countries, during which the provision of additional military assistance to the Ukrainian Armed Forces was discussed. The teleconference was organized on the initiative of the US Secretary of Defence following the meeting that took place a few days ago at the “Ramstein” airbase in Germany.

Among the countries that have announced new aid packages are Italy, Denmark, Norway and Poland. Denmark, according to Reuters, will send Harpoon anti-ship missiles as well as launchers.

After the teleconference, Mr. Panagiotopoulos stated that Greece “offers all possible humanitarian and defence assistance to Ukraine,” since, as is already known, the Greek side had sent to Ukraine a large number of Kalashnikov rifles as well as anti-tank missile launchers through two C-130 aircraft.

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