UN | Accusation of Russia and Ukraine for executions of prisoners of war
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Published on 25/03/2023 at 15:05

The United Nations leveled accusations against Russia and Ukraine on Friday, stating that both sides had executed several prisoners of war during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

In particular, the UN is concerned about the executions of 25 Russian prisoners of war as well as those of 15 Ukrainian prisoners of war, said Matilda Bogner, head of the UN Human Rights Mission in Ukraine.

Also, the head of US diplomacy, Anthony Blinken, left a window for possible negotiations on Ukraine’s borders in the future, hastening, however, to add that this will be decided by the Ukrainians.

Mr. Blinken stressed that any agreement for peace with Russia must be fair and sustainable, that it will respect the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but the way to achieve this will be specifically defined on the ground as they are waiting for the Ukrainians.

In doing so, he appeared to acknowledge the fact that Ukrainians would find it difficult to retake all the territories Russia has annexed, especially the Crimean peninsula.

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Mr. Blinken also responded to a question from the Republican politician, Chris Stewart, on whether the US stood by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s promise to recapture Crimea, annexed by Russia in 2014.

The head of US diplomacy, who considers that we do not currently have the necessary conditions for peace negotiations to be held, insisted that these are decisions that must be made by the Ukrainians, as they concern about how they see their future and how it will translate into terms of national sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence.

The US and Western countries do not recognize the annexation of Crimea, nor areas seized by Russian Armed Forces in eastern Ukraine, where fierce fighting continues. The US-led alliance that provides military aid to Ukraine assures that it is prepared to continue supporting it as long as necessary and that the Russian military must be withdrawn from Ukrainian territory, but generally tends to be evasive when it comes to Crimea.

Source: CNN Greece

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