Ukraine | Understanding Turkey’s ambiguous stance
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Published on 17/04/2022 at 11:05

“Ukraine is cooperating with Turkey for the greatest possible support in the war against Russia and understands – although it is not happy about it – the reality of Ankara’s parallel ties with Moscow,” a Ukrainian diplomat said, echoing Kyiv’s reasoning.

Ankara condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine and sold UAVs to Kyiv despite Russian objections. However, it has also opposed Western sanctions against Moscow and has maintained cautious rhetoric, avoiding blaming either country for the conflict, even amid reports of war crimes in parts of Ukraine.

“We would be happy if Turkey took part in the sanctions and cut flights from Russia. But we understand this reality,” mentioned the Ukrainian diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity.

“Instead of criticizing Turkey, we are cooperating with the Turkish side as much as possible, and we are not asking for anything that cannot be done,” he added, noting that it is still the only country that has managed to bring Russian and Ukrainian officials together for peace talks.

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Turkey, which is heavily dependent on Russian energy imports and Russian tourists, has emerged as a safe haven for Russians fleeing sanctions – many have invested in Turkish assets.

The diplomat cited evidence showing that at least 100,000 Russians have arrived in Turkey and sought residence permits since the war began. At the same time, however, some 85,000 Ukrainians also arrived in the country, of whom about 47,000 moved to other countries or returned home, he said.

Turkey has also banned some Russian warships from crossing its Straits into the Black Sea, thus helping to protect Ukraine’s coastal city of Odesa, which has resisted Russian attacks, the diplomat said.

Finally, some Russian ships are still sailing in the Straits and could bring supplies from Syrian waters, the diplomat added, asking the Turkish side to monitor what these ships bring from Syria to Russia.

Source: CNN Greece

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