Ukraine | Reports of attack against Russian frigate “Admiral Makarov”
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Published on 07/05/2022 at 09:00

The “Admiral Makarov” frigate of the Russian Navy is said to have been hit by a Ukrainian missile off Odesa, in the Black Sea. The information, currently unconfirmed, states that the frigate was hit by a Neptune anti-ship missile, which was used against the Russian cruiser “Moskva” that sank on April 14.

However, so far there has been no confirmation of the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine or the Russian Federation. In particular, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peshkov, said he had no information about the alleged attack against the Russian warship.

For its part, the British Ministry of Defence stated that there were about 20 ships of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea after the sinking of “Moskva”. Although Russia could not replace “Moskva” as the Bosphorus Straits were closed to military ships, the Black Sea Fleet retained the ability to hit Ukrainian targets, the British Foreign Office said.

The “Admiral Makarov” frigate entered service with the Russian Navy in 2017 and is the third, most modern ship in its class, according to the American Forbes.

According to the OSINTdefender observatory, the allegations that the Russian frigate “Admiral Makarov” was hit by Ukrainian missiles off the coast of Odesa seem more and more likely to be true, as many rescue ships and aircraft are reportedly in the area with US drones monitoring them.

Source: CNN Greece

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