Tyfun | Turkish Roketsan’s ballistic missile test – VIDEO
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Published on 21/10/2022 at 13:31

The first tests of the Turkish Roketsan Tyfun ballistic missile have taken place. The short-range ballistic missile which has been exclusively developed, according to Turkish sources, with the use of domestic resources, engaged a target at a distance of 561 km in 458 seconds. The launch took place from Rize-Artvin Airport in northeastern Turkey. It is worth noting that the Turkish defence industry has already developed the Yildirim and Bora ballistic missiles. 

After the Tyfun test, the Turkish press and media reported that Athens and the whole of Greece is now within the range of Turkish missiles. Nevertheless, in addition to the publications, it is worth mentioning that Greece also has missile systems that are capable of hitting Turkish territory, such as the ATACMS. 

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