Turkey | Unexpected surfacing of Turkish submarine – Towed to Aksaz Naval Base
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Published on 26/03/2023 at 13:38

The inter-alliance exercise “Dynamic Manta 23”, which was conducted with the participation of submarines and frigates in the Adriatic sea east of Sicily, entailed a scenario called “rapid submarine surfacing”.

During the execution of this scenario, however, the Turkish submarine TCG Preveze surfaced faster and encountered a serious malfunction.

The Turkish commander immediately ordered the immediate surfacing of the submarine, whereas the participating personnel were ordered to leave the exercise. The submarine remained for some time on the sea surface waiting for support.

Ankara then sent the submarine rescue mother ship TCG Alemdar (A582), which towed the submarine that encountered the above problem. The towing was executed with escort by the frigate Barbaros, which also participated in the exercise. The said frigate then returned to Aksaz naval base.

The exercise, in which Greece also participated with a submarine and a frigate, was planned by NATO’s Allied Maritime Command (MARCOM) and implemented by Command Submarine Operations (COMSUBNATO), with the aim of providing advanced training and coordination of naval forces in anti-submarine warfare operations and in a multi-threat environment, in support of Alliance operations.

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