The Fire Service and the National Guard in a firefighting battle – All developments from the fire fronts – Photos & VIDEO
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Published on 04/07/2021 at 10:40
All eleven aircraft of the Republic, including one from Greece – the second one returned to Greece because of a technical problem – commenced executing water drops over the areas currently on fire in the morning.

In his statements to CNA, the Fire Service Spokesperson, Andreas Kettis, stated that “last night an overnight battle was fought both by the Fire Service and the Forest Department. Around eight in the morning there were still some burning fronts which fortunately do not extend on the perimeter of the fire, while ground forces have been deployed where communities are threatened.”

He added that “the Fire Service operated during the night in Akapnou where there was a front that reached a river, while early in the morning we managed to control a front that threatened the Community of Odou. We can say that the situation has improved, yet with reservations, since the fire can very easily become extremely threatening.”

Regarding the aircraft, Mr. Kettis said that “early in the morning 11 aircraft of the Republic started operating on the burning fire fronts, while ground forces were deployed in highly inaccessible areas. Knowing that the winds in the area will become stronger, great efforts are made to control the fire throughout the night, but also early in the morning.”

He added that “around 12 to 1 o’ clock in the afternoon, a Canadair aircraft that has arrived in Cyprus from Greece is expected to execute drop waters in an attempt to extinguish the fire. However, the second Canadair faced a technical problem on its way to Cyprus, so it had to return to its base. Another aircraft has also been sent from Thessaloniki via a stopover.”

As for the planes sent from Israel, “we hope they will arrive around noon and attempt to drop water in the afternoon. There is still the intention on the part of the European Mechanism to send aircraft from Italy, but this will be realized depending on the developments,” he said, noting that, “it is very important to have operating airborne aircraft.”

Answering a relevant question, the Fire Service Spokesperson said that “the Community that was threatened last night by the fire was the community of Odou, however fortunately the fire was brought under control. Nevertheless, there are damages in several Communities, namely Odou, Ora, Melini – which was not affected – Eptagonia, Arakapas, and as a precautionary measure we have also deployed aircraft in Lagia, Agioi Vavatsinias and Akapnou.”

He also noted that “the residents of these Communities have been transferred by the Police and the Civil Defence to safe destinations.”

Mr. Kettis appealed to everyone “to follow the instructions of the competent state services and not act according to different posts on Social Media.”  

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Fire resurgence in areas of Odou Community in mountainous Larnaca

A fire resurgence broke out in areas of Odou Community in mountainous Larnaca with ground and air forces operating.

According to the Fire Service Spokesman, Andreas Kettis, the fire resurgence in the area was expected and he explained that this happens when strong winds start to blow.

He said that there are some resurgence cases in areas of Odou Community where both ground and air forces are operating in order to mitigate the fire.

Asked about some residents who returned to their homes, Mr. Kettis said that the evacuation work was entirely taken over by the Civil Defence from a point onwards and certainly the Civil Defence will act if residents return to their homes.

He added that “as long as we witness fire resurgence, we have not stated anything regarding the residents’ return to their homes.”

He also warned that it is very easy to get trapped in the flames and said that public safety is the top priority. 

Furthermore, he repeated that people should not use their cars on their own initiative.

Changes in contact numbers for people in emergency 

The phones given out yesterday by the Police for people in emergency are no longer valid.  

According to the Police, the contact numbers given out to the public for emergency cases are not valid today, due to the relocation of the Crisis Center that was set up yesterday.

Today there is a Mobile Command Centre so no landlines are used. The public is required to contact 1460-Citizen Contact Line and 112-199, as well as the Larnaca Police Directorate at 24804040 and the Limassol Directorate at 25805050.

The police also warn the public not to use drones in areas where aircraft operate to extinguish fires, as this may affect flight safety.

Meanwhile, regarding the information for locating dead people, members of the Police rush to the scene of the fire so as to verify the information.

Four people found dead off Odou Community 

Four people were found dead in an area off Odou Community. These are all four foreigners who went missing yesterday.

In a statement from Vavatsinia village, Interior Minister Nikos Nouris said that four charred bodies had been found in an area off Odou Community and that they may belong to four Egyptians who went missing the day before.

He added that “medical examiners are rushing to the scene to identify the bodies, while all evidence suggests that these are all 4 missing people who went missing yesterday.”

The Limassol District Court issues 8-day detention order for 67-year-old over fire

The Limassol District Court issued an 8-day detention order against the 67-year-old man arrested in connection with the deadly fire that has been raging since yesterday.

According to testimonies, the man left his field shortly before the outbreak of the fire. He denies involvement and makes various allegations.

President Anastasiadis arrives at the Coordination Center in Vavatsinia village


The President of the Republic Nikos Anastasiadis arrived at the Crisis Management Center in Vavatsinia village a while ago.

The President will attend a meeting where he will be briefed on the efforts to extinguish the deadly fire that broke out yesterday.

Additional contact numbers, Skarinou Coordination Center

For assistance towards the fire victims, the public can contact the Skarinou Coordination Center at the Environmental Information Center (Agios Loukas, 7731, Skarinou).

Contact numbers: 24322020, 99409881, 99610196, 22403457

Email: [email protected]

The National Guard in the fight against fires 

According to the Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defence, Christos Pieris, the National Guard contributes to the efforts to extinguish the fires. Specifically, yesterday two AW-139 helicopters of the National Guard transmitted an aerial image of the fire fronts to the Fire Service and the Forest Department, while the unmanned aircraft of the National Guard operated as an air-to-ground link. 

In addition, the National Guard sent 6 water-carrying vehicles, 2 to the Arakapas area, 2 to Sykopetra and two to Vavatsinia, to refuel the fire trucks. The National Guard is at a high level of readiness, even providing logistics services.

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