Taliban | First press conference – There will be no revenge
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Published on 18/08/2021 at 10:10

The first press conference was held by the Taliban on Tuesday, which marks the first official declarations of their political program.

A spokesman for the organization, Zabihullah Mujahid, answered reporters’ questions on a range of issues, including violence and retaliation, security, women’s rights, relations with other countries, legislation, terrorism, drugs and press freedom.

According to the Taliban spokesman, this is a glorious day for the Afghan nation, its independence and freedom from foreign powers. He stressed that there will be no revenge on anyone and that the goal now is the unity of the nation and the people’s stay in the country. He said Taliban forces had restored the security that their opponents could not provide and that security would be increased to protect people from both crime and foreign embassies.

Regarding the support of terrorist organizations, he said that he assures the international community that the country’s territory will not be used for hostile actions and for hosting foreign fighters.

Regarding the burning issue of women’s rights, she said that women will play an important role in society. They will retain their rights, but under Islamic law (Sharia). In addition, the media will retain their freedom to help improve the new government’s weaknesses, but not in hostility and not against Islamic values. 

In addition, he said Afghans have the right to act according to their religious values ​​and rules as other countries act according to their own. They do not want enemies either within or beyond the borders. Foreign financial assistance, he stated, will be needed for the needs of the Afghan people, while the new government’s interest in a gas pipeline (TAPI) was also expressed. 

For more details, he said, the planning for the new government of the country continues and the leaders’ arrival in Kabul is also expected. As to whether the policy followed will be the same as 20 years ago, he said that today Afghanistan is a Muslim nation but there is a difference in vision, actions and maturity.

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