Sweden | Resumes arms exports to Turkey
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Published on 01/10/2022 at 12:04

Following its application to join NATO, Sweden has resumed arms and military equipment exports to Turkey, the Swedish military export authority announced yesterday.

The lifting of these restrictions was one of the conditions set by Ankara for the Nordic country’s entry into the Western military alliance, which must be approved by Turkey.

Sweden’s candidacy for NATO membership, which was announced in May along with that of neighboring Finland, allows the export of military equipment to other member countries, including Turkey, the Strategic Products Inspectorate (ISP) explained in a statement.

In 2019 Sweden blocked the export of military equipment to Turkey after the Turkish attack in northern Syria and since then no such export had taken place.

The ISP clarifies that in the third quarter of this year it approved military exports to Turkey, which concern electronic hardware, software, and technical support. It did not reveal which companies or specific products these exports concern, citing their confidential nature.

To date, 28 NATO member states – out of a total of 30 – have ratified the membership of Sweden and Finland. Only the parliaments of Hungary and Turkey have not yet given their final approval.

Source: Reuters

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