Security Project Cyprus | Successful completion of 6th conference on interconnected security environment
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Published on 17/12/2022 at 18:20

After 3 years, the 6th Security Project Cyprus Conference was organized with physical participation on December 7 in Nicosia, with the Security Manager magazine and the participation of experts in the field as pillars, highlighting the interconnected environment in the field of security.

According to the organizational authority, Security Project Cyprus was an important part of three events, organized by Smart Com and Smart Press on December 7 (Infocom Security Cyprus & Security Project Cyprus) and on December 8 (Infocom Cyprus), which were held in a specially-arranged venue of ​​the Cyprus State Exhibition.

The conference was an ideal opportunity to present the developments in the field of technologies and technical projects as they are taking shape in the global and local security market as well as to highlight the new requirements in the field, the strategies and best practices for managing human and technological resources in order to create a safer environment in businesses, organizations and wider society.

The speeches and presentations of the conference were attended by professionals active in the field of security services and solutions, officials from in-house security departments of private companies and public organizations, officials of security forces, experts, researchers, and other professionals with a wider interest in the security domain.

All participants also had the opportunity to visit the exhibition space of the 3 conferences, meet and talk with company executives active in the distribution of systems for the security, IT, and wider technology sectors as well as the implementation of corresponding projects as Systems Integrators.

DEFENCE ReDEFiNED, as a media partner of the event, assisted in the completion of the conference procedures, thus attending to every effort to develop the defence and security ecosystem in Cyprus.

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