Russian fighter fights with a bow in Ukraine – VIDEO
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Published on 09/11/2022 at 16:43

A VIDEO posted on social media depicts a Russian fighter fighting with a bow on the Ukrainian front. 

This particular soldier, according to the said posts, is a Bashkir. The Bashkirs are a non-Slavic ethnic group within the Russian Federation residing primarily in the region of Bashkortostan. Most of them are Muslims while their language falls under the Turkic languages. Several Bashkirs have been enlisted in the Russian Armed Forces and are fighting in Ukraine.

The said VIDEO depicts the fighter holding a bow and arrow, shooting it, and then holding an AK-12 rifle. A quiver of arrows can also be seen on his arm, while animal tails can be seen behind his helmet. In fact, after shooting the arrow, a voice is heard, possibly implying that the target was hit. Watch the VIDEO HERE.

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