Rockets hit Baghdad Green Zone where US embassy is located
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Published on 23/02/2021 at 09:41

A fusillade of rockets struck the Green Zone of Baghdad, an fortified area of the Iraqi capital where the US embassy is located, security services sources stated.

At least two rockets landed in the Green Zone, according to a statement issued by the Iraqi security services. A source told AFP that at least one rocket had hit the headquarters of the National Security Agency, which is located next to the US embassy.

Other rockets landed in residential areas around the district. A witness said a parking lot in the Haritiya district was hit.

On February 15, rockets hit a military base where foreign troops are stationed at Arbil Airport, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan. A civilian contractor working with the international coalition was killed and nine others were injured.

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Several rockets also hit the northwestern districts of Arbil, injuring five people. One of them succumbed to his injuries today.

Shortly after noon, rockets hit the Balad air base in northern Baghdad, where Iraqi forces keep F-16 fighter jets. At least one Iraqi, an employee of an American company that has taken over the maintenance of these aircraft, was injured.

The attack on Arbil was claimed by a hitherto unknown organization, Auliya al-Dam (“Guardians of Blood”). In a statement posted on the Internet, the group said that it would continue to target US forces in Iraq.

Many Western countries have condemned the attacks, saying they “will not be tolerated”. For its part, the UN warned that chaos and instability could once again prevail in Iraq.

Source: CNA

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