Rheinmetall | Supplies Austrian Armed Forces with Counter-sUAS system
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Published on 24/05/2022 at 17:43

The Austrian Armed Forces have selected Rheinmetall’s C-sUAS system for a six-month period of testing and evaluation, according to Rheinmetall’s announcement.

In May 2022 Rheinmetall Air Defence AG shipped the latest version of its rapidly deployable counter-small unmanned aerial system (C-sUAS) to the Austrian military. The system comprises two shelter units, enabling rapid deployment on standard trailers and trucks. 

The sensor unit elevates automatically and can be equipped with various detection technologies, including X-band and S-band radar, passive emitter locator, and ADS-B receiver, while an integrated, stabilized 360° electro-optical PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) sensor provides verification and tracking capabilities.

Based on the tried-and-tested Oerlikon Skymaster command and control system, the separate C2 shelter is a fully-fledged operator workstation. Skymaster delivers an outstanding level of sensor data fusion and multiple operational functions, including scalability to integrated target cueing devices and effectors for different countermeasures as well as links to higher echelons.

The Austrian Armed Forces will put the Rheinmetall C-sUAS system through its paces at several locations in Austria, gaining valuable expertise and experience by simulating airbase protection, integration into other military units, and providing C-sUAS protection in urban areas – a wise approach given the proliferation of emerging aerial threats. 

A major highlight will be a public demonstration of the C-sUAS at the AIRPOWER 2022 air show at Hinterstoisser Air Base, home of the Eurofighter, near Zeltweg, Austria.

Rheinmetall Air Defence will lend its support throughout the next six months to ensure that Austria gets the maximum benefit out of the project.

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