Rafael | The 6th generation Spike-NLOS missile is unveiled at “Eurosatory 2022”
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Published on 10/06/2022 at 18:47

Rafael Advanced Defence Systems Ltd will unveil the latest version of the 6th generation SPIKE NLOS precision missile system at the International Exhibition Eurosatory 2022 in Paris, France.

Rafael’s SPIKE family of guided missiles provides pinpoint precision at extended ranges, with the NLOS variant successfully engaging non-line-of-sight targets.

This weapon system can be launched from air, land, or naval platforms, providing critical real-time tactical intelligence such as damage assessments, allowing it to adjust targets and abort missions midflight.

According to the manufacturer, the 6th generation Spike-NLOS includes a number of improvements, including technology that allows troops to quickly close the sensor-to-shooter loop and neutralize enemy targets more effectively from standoff ranges. Specifically, the system provides capabilities for:

  • Salvo Control: From a single launcher, the operator can launch and control up to four missiles simultaneously. 
  • System Handover & Transfer of Control: Control over launched 6th generation NLOS missiles can be transferred between battlefield platforms midflight for optimal success.

For example, if a helicopter launches the missile but continues flying outside the threatened area, a ground vehicle in the vicinity can gain control and navigate the missile toward the target.

  • Target Image Acquisition: RAFAEL’s new image-matching capabilities have been integrated into the 6th generation NLOS to enable swift aerial image transfers to the missile system. 

Thus, target images can be matched to the missile’s video images during flight, designating the target to the appropriate operator. In other words, the focus is now on the target itself rather than its coordinates or location, enabling even greater precision attacks. This capability is particularly useful when dealing with multiple targets. 

For example, if a number of enemy tanks of the same type are detected, the target image acquisition capability allows Spike-NLOS to distinguish between tanks and attack the commander. This allows for minimal collateral damage and greater combat effectiveness, especially in dense urban environments.

  • Extended Missile Range: The 6th generation NLOS can now reach extended ranges up to 50 km from a helicopter and up to 32 km from land and naval platforms. These extended ranges increase the already very high platform survivability without compromising projectile accuracy, efficiency, and lethality.

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The Spike system has been exported in various configurations to 40 countries worldwide, including 20 NATO forces. Although Ukraine has asked Israel to sell this missile system to the war-torn country in order to fight Russian forces, Jerusalem has refused due to geopolitical concerns. At the same time, there is a strong “Greek” interest in the said weapon system.

In the same exhibition, RAFAEL will showcase one of its latest technological concepts, the NLOS Mission Taskforce (NMT). The NMT is a comprehensive, end-to-end operational solution providing small, mobile combat units of 4X4 or armored vehicles with organic detection, attack, and fire control capabilities. 

By combining some of RAFAEL’s most advanced detection, tracking, and command and control systems, the NMT enables force independence with very high mobility and lethality for wider control of the battlefield.

Notably, NMT’s operational concept takes advantage of small unit mobility, highly capable weapon systems and long-range capabilities to establish dominance across domains and both maritime and land borders.

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