Putin – Assad | Meeting in the Kremlin
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Published on 16/03/2023 at 11:30

Vladimir Putin and Bashar al-Assad reaffirmed the close strategic ties between Russia and Syria.

The Kremlin strongman welcomed his Syrian counterpart and referred to their joint achievements in the war on terror, promising additional aid to the Syrian people who are struggling after the earthquake.

Vladimir Putin emphasized that they are true friends, as Russia is trying to support Syria with units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations having rushed to the country, while Russian Armed Forces personnel stationed in Syria also helped to deal with the consequences of the earthquake.

For his part, the President of Syria used harsh language against the Ukrainian leadership. The President of Syria reported that he visited Russia after the anniversary of the war in Ukraine to reaffirm Syria’s position against neo-Nazis and old-Nazis.

As Assad clarified, by the term “old-Nazi” he refers to those in the West who accepted the Nazis on their soil in the past and are currently supporting “neo-Nazis”.

The Russian President announced to Bashar al-Assad that bilateral trade increased by 7% in 2022, with the Syrian President expressing satisfaction with the intergovernmental cooperation between Moscow and Damascus.

Source: Euronews

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