Netanyahu’s son breaks out against the Turks | “You came from Central Asia and did a genocide” 

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Published on 13/05/2021 at 15:00

In a post on Twitter, Yair Netanyahu, the son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, broke out against Turkish social media users.

Specifically he wrote that: To all the Turkish bots (i.e. internet robots) that follow me – a quick history lesson. You are not native to Anatolia, you came from Central Asia and did a genocide against the local Greek Christian population. Istanbul is actually Constantinople and you illegally occupied it. 

You also did a genocide against the Armenians. You currently illegally occupy northern Cyprus, northern Syria and Kurdistan. Your country is run by a dictator who wants to re-occupy and oppress the Arab world like in the days of the Ottoman Empire.

It is worth mentioning that this is not the first time that Yair Netanyahu launches a verbal attack against Turkey. In March 2019, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan called on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to “tell off” his son as a form of punishment for his reference to the city as Istanbul. 

Specifically, Yair Netanyahu wrote then: “I will remind him (Erdogan) that Instabul is in fact a city called Constantinople! The capital of the Byzantine Empire and the center of Orthodox Christianity for more than a thousand years before the Turkish occupation!

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