Moldova | “Romanian” is the language of the country
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Published on 03/03/2023 at 14:00

The Parliament of Moldova has passed a bill, which recognizes that the language of the country – Moldovan – is the same as the Romanian language.

The bill also provides for the replacement of the term “Moldavian language” by the term “Romanian language” in all legal texts, including the country’s Constitution.

The bill passed with a majority of 56 votes.

Thirty-two (32) MPs from the opposition and the pro-Russian Bloc of Socialists and Communists (BCS) tried to disrupt the voting process and walked out of the Parliament chamber.

During the debate, the ruling party argued that the recognition of the Moldovan language as identical to Romanian is necessary due to the relevant decision of the Constitutional Court of Moldova in 2013, which ruled that the Moldovan language is the Romanian language spoken on its territory of Moldova.

Source: Euronews

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