Ministry of Interior to AKEL | “We are defending our country against illegal immigration”

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Published on 08/03/2021 at 18:00

The Ministry of Interior has responded to AKEL regarding the Government’s decision to prevent the illegal entry of immigrants through the Green Line. Specifically, the Ministry stated that it would be useful if AKEL addressed to the concerned society and affirmed if its position is to keep tolerating the uncontrollable increase in immigration flows through the occupied areas, which is empowered by occupying Turkey, rather than asking questions whether the Government’s act is entirely in line with the relevant Regulation.

The response states that under the Green Line Regulation 866/2004, the control and effective surveillance of the green line in its entirety is an obligation of the Government so as to prevent the illegal passage of third-country nationals who do not have a residence permit or a valid travel document.

It is added that the purpose of the installation of barbed wire is precisely this; the prevention of illegal entry, the fight against illegal immigration of third-country nationals and the prevention of threats to public safety.

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As for the effectiveness of the measure and despite the fact that it is clearly not going to solve the problem in its entirety, we refer to the implementation of similar measures in Evros, the Ministry of Interior points out.  

The Ministry also states that “all our actions are carried out in consultation with the local authorities in order to keep the facilities provided to our farmers, but also the residents of the remote areas who, contrary to what AKEL declares, believe that the actions of the government are related with increased security.”

It notes that “at a political level, both the European Union, the United Nations and a number of ambassadors have already been informed of the exercise of our sovereign right, which does not in any way imply acceptance of the situation.”

“Our message is clear. We are defending our country against illegal immigration and the methods that Turkey is plotting to hit the Republic of Cyprus once again,” the Ministry of Interior concludes in its response to AKEL.

Source: CNA

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