Ministry of Defence | Participation of Cypriot companies in 7 EDF 2021 proposals
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Published on 13/08/2022 at 09:47

An important success for domestic research and development in the field of Defence and Security is the participation of Cypriot small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and research institutions in 7 project proposals of the European Defence Fund (EDF) of the European Commission for 2021. 

According to an announcement by the Ministry of Defence, the projects that have secured their funding are:

  • MarsEUs: Modular ARchitecture Solution for EU States (Participation of SIGNALGENERIX LTD and ADDITESS).

The project concerns the development of technologies that enhance the beyond-visual-range firing capabilities of anti-tank systems.

  • COMMANDS: Convoy Operations with Manned – unManned Systems (Participation of ADDITESS, 8 BELLS, SIGNALGENERIX and NEDACIANA HOLDINGS).

Development of technologies to enhance the operational capabilities of a fleet of collaborative intelligent manned or unmanned ground combat vehicles.

  • RF SHIELD: RF Interference Removal for Military Services Based on Spaces Link (Participation of ECLIPTIC DEFENSE AND SPACE).

Development of technologies for the protection of European satellite communications (COMSATCOM/MILSATCOM) for military use from intentional or unintentional interference.

  • ALADAN: Ai-based Language technology development framework for Defence Applications (Participation of IANUS CONSULTING).

Design and development of machine translation, speech, and text systems based on Artificial Intelligence for defence applications.

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  • ACTING: Advanced European platform and network of Cybersecurity training and exercises centers (Participation of the Center of Excellence of KOIOS, 8BELLS and SIDROCO).

Development of a European platform for training and exercises in the field of cyber security, incorporating advanced methods and simulation techniques in order to enhance the information and assessment of cyber security personnel.   

  • AInception: AI Framework for Improving Cyber ​​Defence Operations (Participation of 8BELLS and UBITECH).

Development of tools and techniques based on Artificial Intelligence for the detection, monitoring, and countering of cyber-attacks so as to protect military systems.

  • iFurther: High Frequency Over the Horizon Sensors’ Cognitive Network (Participation of SIGNALGENERIX).

Development of over-the-horizon networked smart radar technologies to counter long-range air and maritime threats so as to strengthen European Defence.

Under the EDF2021 calls, the European Union will allocate a total of €1.2 billion to 61 projects as a result of the 23 calls published in 2021.

The success of Cypriot companies in participating in 7 programs in 2021 is a continuation of the successful efforts of the European Defence Industrial Development Program (EDIDP) 2019 and 2020, where a total of 10 proposals were selected with the participation of Cypriot companies.

The Minister of Defence, Mr. Charalambos Petridis, warmly congratulates the R&D companies and the Centers of Excellence on their success as well as those who contributed to this success and especially the Federation of Employers and Industrialists, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Cyprus Association of Research and Innovation Enterprises.

All results can be found here.

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