MARSS | Launch of new portable UAV Interceptor countermeasure
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Published on 09/10/2023 at 17:31

Monaco-based company MARSS announced the launch of a new portable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) interceptor countermeasure at DSEI 2023. 

Known as the Interceptor-SR (Short Range), the countermeasure is smaller and lighter than MARSS’ larger Interceptor (known as the Interceptor-MR) and can be used to provide mobile protection from Class I UAVs.

Like the Interceptor-MR, the Interceptor-SR is a cruciform air vehicle that is launched from a canister, propelled by four electrically-driven propellers, and locks on its target using an infra-red seeker as well as using its high maneuverability to effect a hit-to-kill solution to hostile incoming UAVs not with explosives, but with kinetic energy.

While the original Interceptor, launched in 2022, is designed to defeat Class I and II UAVs at a range of 8 km, the Interceptor-SR is focused on defeating Class I UAVs at a range of 1 km. Both systems are AI-enabled, autonomous UAV countermeasures offering an intelligent, cost-effective, and low-collateral-damage alternative to short-range missiles.

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While the Interceptor-MR would typically be deployed in static launcher squadrons to protect bases or critical infrastructure, the Interceptor-SR features forward deployability on the battlefield to provide effective cover against hostile Class I UAVs and loitering munitions.

Furthermore, a mounted infantry version employs multiple Interceptor-SR launchers that can be integrated into a range of vehicles, while for dismounted infantry another version is in development, fired from a reusable lightweight shoulder launcher with an integrated thermal sight to find and target hostile UAVs. 

Once launched, the munition can engage targets and attack under human command (man on the loop), where the operator is able to validate the engagement or abort at any time. The Interceptors would be integrated with MARSS’ NiDAR range of surveillance, air defence, and command-and-control solutions.

According to the company, both Interceptor variants will be available to customers within 12 months, while in the days just prior to the show, MARSS conducted a successful intercept test in the UK using an Interceptor-MR to destroy a commercial DJI drone.

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