“MAŁA NAREW” | PGZ and MBDA UK making rapid progress on the development of the new SHORAD system
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Published on 13/09/2022 at 18:00

PGZ and its subsidiaries, PIT-RADWAR, JELCZ, and WZU, working hand-in-hand with MBDA UK have been making rapid progress on the short-range air defence (SHORAD) solution, known as “Mała NAREW”.

The first two Polish iLaunchers of the system are already in Poland undergoing integration and trials ahead of delivery to the customer.

According to MBDA’s announcement, this project aims to rapidly deliver two SHORAD-class fire units equipped with CAMM missiles, integrated with SOŁA radar stations and a Polish Command and Control (C2) system.

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The “Mała NAREW” units are being adapted to work within one SHORAD-class solution. Functional integration of the radar stations, C2 systems, and CAMM missile fire control software is going hand-in-hand with the physical integration of subsequent iLauncher with JELCZ trucks chassis. The first training sessions for operators of iLauncher with other Polish components of the “Mała NAREW” system have already been conducted.

The “Mała NAREW” program, in addition to the fire units themselves, also includes a training and logistics package. Under the project, PGZ and MBDA are conducting integration of selected British and Polish elements of air defence systems as well as providing technical support for the ordered equipment at the operational stage. 

The contract provides for the delivery of the first “Mała NAREW” fire unit this year and the second in 2023.

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